A slew of new events are coming to the “Red Dead Online” beta, along with an old favorite weapon from the original “Red Dead Redemption,” and a special care package, Rockstar Games announced Tuesday via press release.

A staple of John Marston’s arsenal, the Evans Repeater will be available in “Red Dead Online” for beta participants.

The Evans Repeater is a long-range rifle with high bullet capacity and plenty of customization options and can be obtained via a Gunsmith or the Rawson, Wheeler & Co catalog in-game.

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Rockstar Games

Next up, “Red Dead Online” is unveiling plenty of new events to make the multiplayer experience fresh for beta users. A big one is the Fool’s Gold Free Roam event. Free Roam events invite players to participate while roaming across the landscape, and then place the player into the event location before the action starts.

Fool’s Gold gives one player Golden Armor to wear, and that player tries to take out opponents to earn points. The tricky part is, everyone else wants to get the Golden Armor, so they’ll be trying to take out the player wearing it. Points are also earned for successfully taking out a rival in Golden Armor. Players can earn extra XP and cash from the Fool’s Gold event.

There are several more events coming to “Red Dead Online,” according to the press release:

Cold Dead Hands: Players must hold control of a target for the longest time.
Competitive Challenges: These are a series of randomly selected challenges, such as getting the most headshots, within a set time-limit.
Dispatch Rider: Players compete to be the first to get a horse to a designated location.
King of the Castle: The winner in this event is whoever can stay alive and maintain control in a castle area for the highest percentage of time.
Master Archer: Just as it sounds, players must hit the most targets as accurately as they can within the given time limit.
Some goodies are also coming to “Red Dead Online.” The first, a care package, is a gift to all players from Rockstar Games.
“We appreciate all the support you’ve shown thus far during the beta period,” the press release stated. “And this week all ‘Red Dead Online’ Beta participants will receive a special care package (redeemed either at your camp’s lockbox or at any post office across the five states) as a show of our appreciation.”
The care package includes the following:
  • (60) High Velocity Pistol Ammo
  • (60) High Velocity Repeater Ammo
  • (2) Fire Bottles
  • (8) Fire Arrows
  • (2) Jolly Jack’s
  • (2) Potent Horse Medicine
  • (1) Lake Lure

Finally, players that complete five Daily Challenges by March 11 will receive a Special Spinner, which is a lure that can catch fish of any sizes, and the lure will not be lost if player cut the fishing line.