Turn-based tactical game “Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden” is coming to Nintendo Switch on Jun. 25, the developer announced during Epic Games’ GDC keynote Wednesday.

The game is also getting a physical retail version, which includes the upcoming DLC, on Jun. 25 for consoles.

The tactical adventure game set on a post-human Earth started out as a title in development by just two people, said developer David Skarin. “We were just two guys taking it to first playable,” he said. “We started it on Unity, but quickly moved it to Unreal for source code access.”

“Mutant” is a pen-and-paper role-playing system and world — similar to “GURPS” or “Cyberpunk 2020” — that originally released in Sweden in 1984 and saw a series of expansions and updates through the ’80s and ’90s and all the way up through 2002. In “Mutant,” the human race is largely extinct; in its place is a ragged collection of animal-derived mutants, robots, and a few human remnants who are rebuilding in ways big and small and exploring the ruined world and the mysteries of that now-extinct human society. This was elaborated on in several expansions, but “Mutant” and its myriad offshoots never saw translation into other languages — until, that is, 2014, when a new version of “Mutant” was published, set hundreds of years before the original game, and which received an English translation under the name “Mutant Year Zero.”

You can read more about the game’s roots in our feature on the title.