Streaming platform Mixer announced it will be partnering with the anti-cyberbullying organization The Cybersmile Foundation for a new campaign.

“The UnAwareness Movement” is part of a new initiative that’s inspire two new moderation features coming to Mixer: Viewer-to-Viewer chat muting and new CATbot setting changes.

The Viewer-to-Viewer chat mute allows users to mute others in channel chat for the entirety of their session in the channel. Anything that user says following the mute will not be displayed. This safety feature will roll out first to those using Mixer on desktop and then to the rest of Mixer platforms.

CATbot is Mixer’s automated chat mod tool that can detect and filter out toxic and harassing language. It comes with three different filters: Low, Medium, and High. There was previously an “Off” button, but now it will be replaced with “Very Low” to offer a baseline minimum of filtering across all Mixer streams. Only language that violates the Mixer Terms of Service will be removed.

In celebration of Mixer’s partnership with Cybersmile and the UnAwareness Movement, Mixer will be launching a special set of skills available from Tuesday, April 4 through Tuesday, April 30. Spending Mixer Embers on the skills throughout April will result in the proceeds being directly donated to The Cybersmile Foundation at the end of the campaign.

Mixer is continuing to focus its efforts on keeping users from experiencing abuse, bullying, or harassment while using its platform. You can learn more about The Cybersmile Foundation at its official website.