Xbox One owners may not opt to stream their PC games to the console by way of a new update to Microsoft’s Wireless Display App.

The app’s latest update enables support for users to play Steam titles or additional games on PC via their console via remote PC play. The games can then be played using a regular Xbox controller, which also doubles as a remote control for presentations or other uses.

Microsoft’s Wireless Display app utilizes a program called Miracast to bridge a connection between your Xbox One and PC, and lets you choose from a variety of different latency modes. It has been previously available for testers in the past, though this marks its official debut. It went by Connect on Windows in the past and began life as a Surface Hub app.

Now that it’s added mouse, keyboard, touch, and stylus support so that the app can control the streaming PC, controller support rounds it all out to make it a truly viable option for gaming on PC sing your Xbox One as a conduit.

It’s the best option currently for pulling this off, although the app does not support keyboard and mouse at this time for PC game streaming. However, with recent support from Microsoft for Xbox One keyboard and mouse play (at developers’ discretion), players could potentially benefit from this in the future. Right now, the Xbox controller will have to suffice.