Microsoft and Nintendo are working together to bring Xbox titles the Nintendo Switch, according to Direct-Feed Games via Game Informer.

The arguably most exciting rumor is that Microsoft-exclusive “Ori and the Blind Forest” will be published on the Nintendo Switch, though there are more titles supposedly coming to the device in the future via Game Pass.

Microsoft is also reportedly planning to bring its upcoming, Netflix-like streaming service, called Project xCloud, to the Nintendo Switch. The Switch’s native hardware can’t handle some of the more graphics-intensive titles of the Xbox One, but a successful streaming service would make playing these titles on the Switch possible.

Microsoft already revealed earlier this month via a planned GDC presentation that developers can integrate Xbox Live for use in Nintendo Switch titles with an upcoming software development kit, so the news that it will soon publish titles on the Switch is not completely out of left field.

Plus, Microsoft’s head of gaming Phil Spencer talked last summer about the company’s vision for reaching a wider audience, a mission that goes far beyond console wars. Offering its titles on a competitor’s device is in line with the company’s goals to make games available for more people, via innovative measures such as game streaming. Microsoft has its own streaming service in the works meant to deliver “console quality gaming on any device,” according to Spencer, the aforementioned Project xCloud.

“Gaming is now at its most vibrant,” Spencer said in June 2018. “In this significant moment, we are constantly challenging ourselves about where we can take gaming next.”