Fans Can Win ‘Metro Exodus’ Artyom Custom Edition With Working Nixie Watch

Deep Silver, 4A Games, and original “Metro” author Dmitry Glukhovsky revealed the “Metro Exodus” Artyom Custom Edition on Wednesday, an extremely rare version of the upcoming game.

This particular edition is so rare that only 10 were manufactured, and they’re not available for purchase anywhere. “Metro” fans can only get their hands on them by being lucky enough to win them through a series of planned promotions scheduled over the next few weeks.

The Artyom Custom Edition comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Glukhovsky himself, as well as 4A Games’ creative director and co-founder Andrew “Prof” Prokhorov. The hand-crafted sets come with a set of Artyom’s equipment, even a fully-functional Nixie watch. In-game, it’s an extremely useful item that counts down the amount of time left until the player’s current gas filter runs out, as well as cover and visibility gauges.

The Artyom Custom Edition also includes a gas mask and filter, a working Bullet Lighter made out of a decommissioned shell, a handmade steel Spartan dog tag with engraving of the winner’s name, and a leather map case and map of the Aurora’s trip.

“Each item is either an authentic real-world object or has been hand-made to re-create 4A’s original designs. We knew we could never do Artyom’s signature Nixie watch justice with a replica; so we decided to make them for real,” said Huw Beynon, head of Deep Silver’s global brand management department.

Currently, the only ones in the world who own one of these special editions are 4A Games, and the other nine will be given away. Fans can register for updates on giveaways via the official Metro website and by following the game’s social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Metro Exodus” is a first-person shooter that follows protagonist Artyom as he works to flee the tunnels of Moscow’s Metro, which is teeming with poison, mutated beasts, and other paranormal anomalies. It’s currently scheduled for a Feb. 19 release.