The biggest “Red Dead Online” update yet is live now, bringing a path of new gameplay options, weapons and clothing, and player-requested balancing changes.

There are Gold Nuggets and XP up for grabs if you complete a series of Daily Challenges. You can check your Player Menu to check out the seven on your list that will rotate out each day. Completing all seven will earn a bonus. Starting next week, with the update live in-game, a new Free Roam event called Fool’s Gold will become available. Players will battle it out to see who’s worthy of donning the protective suit of Golden Armor. Take out the person wearing it to earn the armor and put it on yourself, and then earn points while killing off the enemies clamoring to wear the armor themselves.

New game modes will be appearing in the “Red Dead Online” beta week after week. First up is Target Races, where you race against other players on horseback as you each aim to take out targets quickly and efficiently. You’ll get to use weapon and horse pickups as you ride, though you’ll have to relegate your limited amount of bullets to use for when you really need them.


Later, new Fishing Challenges will be available for players to set out to catch the most fish (and the biggest ones) they possibly can. The equipment and bait is provided for you already, so you only need to find a spot to start reeling the big ones in at. You’re trying to catch the highest total weight of fish to secure the win, which you can do with one enormous fish or several smaller ones. It’s important to remember to keep everything you reel in with this in mind.

Three new Showdown Modes are on their way to the game as well, which will let teams compete to capture and deliver bags, steal loot from opponents, and stay alive as long as possible. Additional details on Up in Smoke, Spoils of War, and Plunder will be coming soon. These new gameplay modes will also bring the introduction of the Featured Series, which you can play the latest modes from by visiting the corresponding sign post in-game or visiting the Quick Join menu to take part in.

There’s also a wide variety of new weapons, emotes, and world enhancements for players to check out, including updated player radar and visibility, an easier parley and feud system, and enhancements to the game’s law and bounty mechanics.