League of Legends Esports has a new Pro View premium experience which will allow viewers to watch esports matches from the individual pro players’ perspective, the company announced Friday.
The Pro View Package will be available for the Summer Split of the League Championship Series (LCS) as well as the League European Championship (LEC). In addition to allowing viewers to see the “League of Legends” action by spectating the player of their choice, it has other nifty features unlocked as well.
First up, there’s the Advanced Timeline view, which shows “kills, tower takedowns and other big plays” on a timeline, which viewers can click on to view the exact moment.
There’s also Multiview, which allows viewers to see up to four synchronized streams at once during both live games and during video on demand.
Social engagement is also a focus, as there’s a Watch With Friends mode which allows viewers to a link and synchronize their timeline with friends, so they can watch the match together.
“League of Legends” is the currently dominating PC game, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) from Riot Games which also has an impressive esports following.
“Watch.LoLEsports.com and Pro View represent our commitment to growing the viewing experience of our sport into a deeper and more engaging experience,” said Luke Cudney, League of Legends Esports digital product manager. “It is critical that as our sport grows, teams and players around the world share in our success.”
The Pro View package is available for both series for $19.99, debuting on May 31. Alternatively, esports viewers can opt to purchase Pro View for just the LCS or the LEC for $14.99 a piece. The packages can be purchased at Watch.LoLEsports.com.