‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Celebrates 10 Million Copies Sold With New Factoids

'Horizon Zero Dawn' Celebrates 10 Million Copies Sold With New Factoids

PlayStation 4 exclusive “Horizon Zero Dawn” is celebrating its second anniversary with 10 million copies sold worldwide.

Guerrilla Games managing director Hermen Hulst took to the Official PlayStation Blog on Thursday (Feb. 28) to announce that in the two years it’s even available, it’s amassed the 10 million milestone, reaching a wide variety of fans. Hulst stated that the team continues to receive daily messages of appreciation for the title from players as well.

In celebration of the milestone, Hulst revealed a few details about the game that hadn’t been touched on before, such as the fact that game prototyping elements began all the way back in 2010. This was the same time the team was adding finishing touches to “Killzone 3.” As a stand-in for Aloy, they utilized Jammer, the Intruder pilot from the game.

In fact, finding the perfect face model for Aloy took quite some time. Dutch actress Hannah Hoekstra was tapped for the role as Conversation Director took a sick day and saw her on TV, immediately having been struck with inspiration. He knew that would be Aloy’s facial model then and there. Finding some of the lines for baby Aloy, however, was easy. The studio simply used the gurgling of the three-month-old daughter of Guerrilla Music’s Supervisor/Senior Sound Designer Lucas van Tol.

As far as unique sounds go, van Tol spent a lot of time working to discover the perfect sounds for each character. The Watcher, for example, includes Chihuahua barks to make sure it sounds cute but ferocious. Meanwhile, van Tol researched over 750 bird sounds and chose 30 of them to be included in the game. Each sounds different based on what time of day it is and what the weather’s like outside.

The blog runs down several other bits of information like this and can be read in full for additional insights. Horizon Zero Dawn is available now on PlayStation 4.