An upcoming patch for Blizzard’s MOBA effort “Heroes of the Storm” will remove pay-for loot boxes, the company announced in a blog post.

Loot chests, as they’re called in the game, have been available to purchase through the game’s official shop using gems, the premium currency in “Heroes of the Storm.” Loot chests contain random rewards like alternate skins, banners, emojis, voice lines, sprays, and other exclusive items. With the release of the next patch, these items can only be bought using gold earned in-game.

The patch will also bring changes to hero roles, splitting characters into tanks, bruisers, supports, healers, melee assassins, and ranged assassins. These changes were first detailed by Blizzard on Monday.

“As the roster and breadth of mechanics for ‘Heroes of the Storm’ has continued to expand, the existing roles have grown limited in accurately describing each individual hero. To give both new and existing players a clearer idea of what kind of kit to expect during hero select, we are expanding hero roles to include new descriptions and replace those that were less clear in the past.”

These changes will coincide with a new event called Caldeum Complex, which is cyberpunk-themed and filled with dragons and an anti-capitalist hacker called Chromie. Players will need to help Chromie in preventing a cataclysm and take on the megacorps by completing certain objectives.

The patch is currently live in the “Heroes” Public Test Realm, where it will be available to playtest until Mar. 25.