‘Hearthstone’ Choose Your Champion Event Returns for 2019 Championship Tour

'Hearthstone' Choose Your Champion Event Returns
Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard’s “Choose Your Champion” event is returning again for this year’s “Hearthstone” Championship Tour, the company has announced.

Starting April 17, Users will have the opportunity to choose one of the 16 players competing at the 2019 HCT World Championships via the Battle.net client. Once selected, users will be rewarded with card packs as their chosen champion moves forward in the tournament.

Users will receive one Rastakhan’s Rumble card pack just for participating, in addition to one card pack each time your champion wins a match. All card packs are expected to be delivered one week after Worlds. Those interested in participating must choose their champion by April 24.

Those who tune in to the “Hearthstone” Championship Tour on Twitch for a total of at least four hours will receive one Rise of Shadows card pack. Finally, 1,500 viewers will be randomly awarded with an additional Classic card pack every hour. Rewards can be earned by viewing the stream any time between 7pm and 3am PST from April 24-27.

The 2019 “Hearthstone” Championship Tour World Championships is kicking off in Taipei on April 25. The upcoming championship series will feature the world’s 16 best “Hearthstone” players from North America, China, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. Players will compete for their take of the $1 million prize pool.