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CD Projekt Red Tweaking ‘Gwent’s’ Economy

Developer CD Projekt Red is changing how the economy works in its digital collectible card game “Gwent,” it announced in a news post on Wednesday.

“When designing ‘Gwent’s’ economy, our principles were fairness and simplicity,” it said. “We also always understood that generosity goes a long way. This will never change. However, we made some calls along the way which resulted in our economy slowly shifting toward directions that are not favorable for the players — most notably those who put a lot of time and effort into completing their collections of normal and (especially) premium cards.”

“Gwent” was a mini-game in CD Projekt’s 2015 RPG “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.” It was popular enough that the studio decided to turn it into a separate, free-to-play title. It officially launched in October.

There are three currencies in “Gwent” and two of them are used for card creation. Scraps are used to make normal cards, while meteorite powder upgrades normal cards to premium ones with animated art. But, players can also craft animated cards with scraps, and it’s resulted in an overabundance of premiums, which diminishes the sense of accomplishment the player gets from acquiring them, CD Projekt said. So, going forward, “Gwent” players won’t be able to craft premium cards with scraps and the “vanity” economy will be based solely on meteorite powder.

“We want premiums to feel special, as was originally intended, and not give anyone the opportunity to gain an unfair advantage in card collection and vanity progression,” the developer said.

CD Projekt is also revisiting “Gwent’s” full mill value refund system. From now on, a card won’t qualify for a the refund if it only undergoes minor tweaks to its values, strength, or abilities. That system made sense while the game was in beta and core mechanics were constantly in flux, CD Projekt said, but future changes will be much more subtle.

“Regular balance and gameplay changes are typical for any online competitive game, and ‘Gwent’s’ no different,” it said. “We’re committed to building on top of the foundations the core of the game offers, while constantly listening to the community and making adjustments when and where it’s necessary. That said, fundamental changes or complete reworks of a card will still be considered for full mill value refund.”

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