Google is promising that more details on its upcoming game streaming platform, the Stadia, are coming soon, according to a tweet sent out on Friday.

We know that the Stadia is anticipated to bring triple-A games to all types of screens without a box console, but we’re still missing some key details. We don’t know how much the service will cost or exactly what games are coming to the service, nor do we have an exact release date. Google is teasing that several of the most-anticipated details are coming this summer, though.

We will get a price reveal, game announcements, and more launch info “soon” according to the tweet.

Though what the service will cost consumers— and what pricing model it will have— is of interest, there is still the question of how game developers will get paid for the use of their creations with Google Stadia.

In an in-depth interview with Variety earlier this year, Phil Harrison, head of Stadia, said that information about how developers whose games will be used in Stadia will be a future topic of conversation.

“We’re going to talk about [developer payment] over the summer in detail,” Harrison said. “It was important for our team, for me, that we started with the most important stakeholder in this journey, which is the game developers. We chose GDC as the venue for our announcement because we wanted to excite and educate and hopefully partner with the game developers to build games for Stadia.”

Once Google is ready to reveal more, we should have a sense for how the Stadia payment for developers compares against other industry distribution platforms, which is a hot topic of debate as of late. Valve’s Steam digital PC games storefront takes a 30% cut from game developers, compared to relative newcomer Epic Games Store, which takes only a 12% cut, which is a point of tension which has led the Epic Game Store to continue to pursue games exclusivity deals, according to founder Tim Sweeney.