Gearbox Announces ‘Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch,’ ‘Pathologic 2’ and More

Gearbox Announces 'Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch,' 'Pathologic 2', and More

Gearbox took to its PAX East 2019 panel to announce a slew of new titles coming to its portfolio, including “Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch,” “Pathologic 2,” and “Risk of Rain 2.”

“Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition” is bringing “Bulletstorm” to Nintendo Switch this summer, with the same content that debuted originally with the “Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition” that originally debuted on PlayStation, Xbox One, and PC in 2017. The Duke Nukem-infused version of the game allows players to journey through the game as the iconic character during the campaign. This Switch version of the game was teased by Gearbox last week ahead of the panel.

Gearbox and TinyBuild Studios’ new project “Pathologic 2” also debuted during the panel, which followed a young girl reciting a terrifying story that ended in a fable where people “lived happily after ever and horribly ever before.” The unsettling footage calls forth some of the same vibes seen in the original game, which released in 2005. It’s set to debut on May 23 via Steam, with Gearbox doing retail distribution for the Xbox One version coming later this year.

The presentation also included the upcoming “They Came From Below” DLC headed to “We Happy Few” on April 4, 2019, as well as “Risk of Rain 2,” which is available in Early Access as of Thursday, March 28.

Gearbox also announced “Borderlands 3” during the presentation as well as other “Borderlands”-centric titles, such as a tabletop card game called “Tiny Tina’s Robot Tea Party” and a remastered collection of previous “Borderlands” entries for players to jump into ahead of the upcoming sequel. Additional information is set to be revealed on April 3.