Latest ‘Fortnite’ Update Adds Respawn Van, Buccaneer’s Bounty Event

'Fortnite' Update v8.30 Introduces Reboot Van,

The latest “Fortnite” patch is here with patch v8.30, and it brings with it a slew of improvements and goodies for fans, like the Reboot Van and the new Buccaneer’s Bounty Event.

The Reboot Van is a new addition to the game that can bring eliminated teammates back into battle. They’ll be found at all major points of interest on the map. Every time a squad member is eliminated, they’ll drop a Reboot Card, which can be collected by other members on the squad.

They’ll remain in the world for 90 seconds after being dropped, and when they’re brought to a Reboot Van, the cards will bring all squad members with applicable cards back into battle. They’ll return with 100 health, a Common Pistol, 36 Light Amp, and 100 Wood to get them back on their feet.

The Buccaneer’s Bounty Event is a new in-game event that brings a new Limited Time Mode every single day. Players can collect “treasure” from each mode with in-game rewards thanks to a slew of new Challenges as well. From April 10 through April 15, the event will offer rewards and up the spawn rate for Treasure Maps while the event is active. There are also various other adjustments that will come along with each LTM, though Epic Games has not divulged what each LTM will be just yet.

The update also brings the announcement of the “Fortnite” World Cup Online Open Week from April 13 to April 14, during which top performers in each server region will compete to qualify for the “Fortnite” World Cup Finals in New York City, with official rules to be found here.

There’s a selection of bug fixes and other updates available with this patch as well, all of which can be found via the official Epic Games update announcement post. Both the Reboot Van and Buccaneer’s Bounty Event are currently live in-game for “Fortnite” faithful looking to get down to business.