Fortnite” maker Epic Games has announced “Fortnite” World Cup – Creative, a new competitive event featuring trials built by community creators.

“Fortnite” World Cup – Creative will be made up of five different Creative trials , with the top 15 participants facing off at the “Fortnite” World Cup Finals. Players have a chance at winning a piece of a $3 million Creative prize pool.

Trials for the Creative World Cup take place over five showcase events from April 29 to June 7. Each week players will have the chance to try out the latest Creative trial and submit their best clip on YouTube. ‘”Fortnite” captains will select the top submissions as winners, with selected winners headed off to New York City to participate in the finals.

The event kicks off with the first trial built and judged by “Fortnite” player Cizzorz. Every other week a new Creative trial will be revealed, with additional opportunities to qualify for the Finals.

“Fortnite Creative” is a sandbox game from Epic Games, available within “Fortnite”. In “Fortnite Creative,” players can place, move and erase objects, like ground tiles, items, and even game features, creating their own game mods with customizable rules. The title was released for battle pass owners in 2018.