One of “Fortnite”‘s top streamers Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo will provide hands-on game tutoring to the newly announced Spring 2019 Junior Rogue team of amateur “Fortnite” players, Team Rogue announced on Tuesday.

Junior Rogue is a semester-long professional gaming accelerator program for amateur gamers, offering up opportunities to move forward in eSports. In addition to studies with DrLupo, students will receive a $500 scholarship, as well as access to other eSports experts and resources. Students will also attend weekly online seminars focused on career growth in the eSports industry, and participate in resume building and streaming tournaments.

Junior Rogue accepted just 2% of applicants for the Spring 2019 semester, which begins March 4. The 18-member roster is made up of a team under the age of 17. Team Rogue, in partnership with Find Your Grind and backed by ReKTGlobal, announced the full team this week. The team includes: AJO, Orange, TeeJayFN, Bweis, Faint, Fluctra, Skippy_, SloGro, PumpShottyRush, Megga., ottobite, Upsilon, TeKae, t_mmy, Doised, Conjurings, Snowy, and

“The Junior Rogue program is structured like basketball camp for the next generation of esports stars who love Fortnite,” said Amish Shah, founder of ReKTGlobal and co-owner of Team Rogue.

“We are excited to kick off the new semester and improve upon the success of the previous semester by providing some of the best players in the nation with unforgettable mentorship and scholarship opportunities that allow them to further pursue their passions for esports and gaming.”

“I’m so excited for the next wave of players to join Junior Rogue. I know they’ll learn so much and I can’t wait to have my time with them too!” said Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo.

Lupo is the first professional eSports player to be sponsored by American insurance company State Farm. He is one of the most well known players in the “Fortnite” community, with over 2.9 million followers on the Twitch streaming platform. In December, DrLupo held a 24-hour “Fortnite” livestream to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. He has previously raised over $1.3 million for the hospital. He brought in a total of $659,000 during GuardianCon, a week-long, 24-hour a day gaming event in Tampa, Fla. His stream raised $350,000 in just four hours, the highest of any single session during the event. He also raised money via a t-shirt campaign and a “Fortnite” charity event called #Clips4Kids.