Nintendo strategy game “Fire Emblem Heroes” has become the second most lucrative mobile release from the company, reaching $500 million in revenue within the past five months, Sensor Tower reports.

The majority of sales have come from Japan, which accounts for 56% of the total revenue. The United States is the game’s second largest market, making up 31% of the $500 million, or roughly $155 million.

In August 2018, “Fire Emblem Heroes” was up to $400 million in worldwide revenue. While the mobile release is free-to-play, it features an in-game monetization system where players can spend real money on orbs (the in-game currency) and use them to unlock random heroes and other quality of life items.

A new Nintendo Direct is scheduled for Wednesday, and will reveal details for the next title in the “Fire Emblem” franchise, “Fire Emblem: Three Houses,” according to a tweet Tuesday from the official Nintendo of America Twitter account.

While we saw glimpses of the title’s turn-based gameplay in its E3 trailer, there’s still plenty unknown about the Nintendo Switch’s first mainline “Fire Emblem” game. The 2017 released “Fire Emblem Warriors” (for the Switch and the 3DS) was a spin-off title, and featured hack-and-slash action.