An image on Devolver Digital’s Instagram account is the reason why Facebook recently removed an ad for indie platformer “Gris” from its platform, a representative told Variety on Tuesday.

“Facebook rejected a ‘Gris’ launch trailer ad for this ‘sexually suggestive’ scene so this year is going great so far,” Devolver Digital tweeted on Monday. The publisher included a screenshot from the game of what appears to be a female statue, her naked body obscured by hair and shadow.

But, it wasn’t that image that led to Facebook pulling the ad, as originally reported. It was an image on the landing page the ad links to that violated the platform’s policies against nudity, the rep told Variety. The link apparently leads to Devolver Digital’s Instagram page, which contains screenshots from the publisher’s various titles. Facebook didn’t say exactly which screenshot was the offender. There are a number of likely culprits. One image from the online survival game “Scum” depicts a man’s naked backside, for example. There are also a few images of cartoon penises from the indie game “Genital Jousting.”

Ads submitted to Facebook reportedly go through an extensive review process that typically happens within 24 hours. During that process, Facebook said it checks an ad’s images, text, targeting, positioning, and the content on its landing page. “An ad may not be approved if the landing page content isn’t fully functional, doesn’t match the product/service promoted in the ad, or doesn’t fully comply with our advertising policies,” the representative said. “In this case, the landing page is in violation of Facebook’s advertising policies against nudity.”

Facebook said it’s now working with Devolver Digital to clarify the issue.