Daybreak Game Company’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game “EverQuest” turns 20 years old in March, and its developers plan to celebrate that milestone with a bunch of new in-game anniversary events.

“EverQuest” is getting a brand-new land, raids, and story content in March, said executive producer Holly Longdale in a blog post on Wednesday. The new content will be free for all players. The development team also plans to launch two new progression servers — one hardcore and one ultra-casual. Rules are coming soon, Longdale said, and both servers will launch around the game’s anniversary on Mar. 16.

Additionally, Daybreak is working on a real-world fan event that will likely take place over the summer. It hopes to share more details on that in March as well.

Finally, Longdale said Daybreak is looking for player stories to help commemorate “EverQuest’s” 20th anniversary. It’s asking fans to record and share 20-second or less videos on YouTube about how “EQ” changed their lives. Anyone interested in participating can then send Daybreak a link to their videos via Player Direct for a chance to be featured during the anniversary celebrations. People can also submit 15-second clips featuring their main characters for a 20th anniversary yearbook album coming to Facebook later this year.

“We’ve heard so many amazing stories of ‘EQ’ bringing people together in love, marriage, and even into the joys of parenthood,” Longdale said. “We’ve also experienced the power of our game community during the hard times, softening the pain of illness and tragic deaths by participating with ‘EQ’ families. We all have an ‘EverQuest’ story to tell.”