The Entertainment Software Association has a new website in its push to be a part of critical conversations taking place in the games industry, according to a Friday post from CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis.

“This site represents the video game industry in an impactful way,” Pierre-Louis explained in the post. “The development of this website was a major undertaking that will impact how we communicate and reach our diverse, growing audiences.”

The new website push comes just ahead of E3, the big gaming event which is organized by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). It also comes after the recent appointment of Pierre-Louis as CEO and the release of its 2019 Essential Facts report.

The ESA is making strides to improve after facing disarray with the departure of its former president Mike Gallagher.

The website revamp is intended to help the ESA increase its “discoverability and storytelling capabilities,” according to Pierre-Louis. In terms of storytelling, its the story of the games industry that the ESA wants to tell, and they want to reach all kinds of audiences– including “policymakers, parents, the media, and industry observers at-large.”

The site also has tools and resources for those audiences, including an “In the Spotlight” section that talks about priorities and initiatives in the video games industry.

“Most importantly, this website serves as a powerful storytelling engine,” Pierre-Louis wrote. “Our priority is making sure we’re an active voice of thought leadership in the critical conversations currently going on in and around our industry.”