Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney will be demonstrating the latest advancements in the Unreal Engine during Epic’s opening session at GDC 2019 on March 20, the company revealed on Thursday.

He will be joined by CTO Kim Liberi and additional guests as part of Epic’s State of Unreal session starting at 9:30am. The session will be open to the media and all GDC attendees with an Expo Pass Plus or higher.

Epic will also be hosting “Unreal Engine Tech Talks,” a full day of programming with topics ranging from the future of physics and destruction in Unreal Engine to ray tracing and refactoring the mesh drawing pipeline in the new engine. Both events will be livestreamed via Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook.

Educational sessions will also be available, including a ‘Technical Artist Bootcamp’ by Epic’s Ryan Brucks, ‘Killer Portfolio or Portfolio Killer’ Parts 1 & 2 with a panel of industry experts, and ‘Preventing Bugs: The Dark Matter of Early QA’ with Epic’s Chris Rando. Finally, on the expo floor, Epic’s booth will showcase dozens of new games developed with Unreal Engine 4. “Visit for opportunities to play a curated selection of indie and AAA games, meet developers, and connect with teams looking to hire Unreal Engine talent,” says the developer.

Full details of what Epic Games is up to during GDC 2019 can be found on the official Unreal Engine website.