Epic Games announced the final recipients of its Unreal Dev Grants program, totaling $500,000 in financial assistance for developers working with Unreal Engine 4.

The final round of grants is going out to creators from various industries, including gaming, film, education, AR/VR/MR, and more. The latest recipients include the the following indie games:

  • “Aeon Must Die!” from Limestone Games
  • “BioStories” from Bio-Bridge Initiative
  • “Cryptant” from Orchard
  • “Eximius: Seize the Frontline” from Ammobox Studio
  • “Kingshunt” from Vaki Games
  • “Polter Pals” from Split Hare Games
  • “The Forgotten City” from Modern Storyteller

These VR games and experiences were also given portions of the grant:

  • “Eclipse” from BackLight
  • “Glimpse” from Mr. Kite
  • “Project M” from EVR Studios
  • “Shooty Fruit Arcade” from nDreams
  • “SnapClick: Fossil Diggers” from The Orphanage

Additionally, wards were given the educational online course “Complete Unreal C++ Dev” from GameDev.TV, the animated web series “Meta Runner” by Glitch Productions, the adoption of ray tracing features by Rense de Boer in “Photorealism in UE4,” the toolset “TrianGraphics” by TrianGraphics GmbH, and for visual design on “Visual Helsinki” by Zoan.

The Unreal Dev Grants are part of a $5 million fund meant to help bolster the creative pursuits of recipients across a number of industries. The official goal of Unreal Dev Grants is to “empower talented artists, designers, and programmers to build upon their outstanding work in and around Unreal Engine 4 while alleviating financial stress.”

“With today’s announcement, we’ve reached our $5 million goal for the Unreal Dev Grants program. As we look back at the list of those we’ve been able to support throughout the years, we can’t help but feel deeply honored to have played a part in the stories of hundreds of projects,” said Chance Ivey, Partnership Manager at Epic Games.

Epic Games will be holding its annual State of Unreal opening session at GDC 2019 at 9:30am PT on Wednesday, March 20. You can view the stream via the Unreal Engine YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook channels.