Epic Games is making its Support-A-Creator program permanent and extending it to all titles on its online store, it announced in a tweet on Tuesday.

Epic launched the Support-A-Creator program in October 2018. It lets content creators like YouTubers and Twitch streamers earn money from “Fortnite.” Fans can declare their support for a certain creator by entering their Epic tag in the battle royale game’s item shop. When players spend 10,000 V-Bucks, their designated creator receives $5 USD.

Now that the program is expanding, creators can share referral links on their channels to promote their Epic tag and get credit for sales on the Epic Games Store. Each title has a different revenue share set by the developer, but the minimum rate is 5%, Epic said.

Originally planned as a one-time event, Epic said it decided to make the Support-A-Creator Program permanent after it was “blown away” by the response. “Millions of players have supported their favorite creators and have made a huge impact,” said Epic Games community manager Melissa Digmon in a video posted to Twitter. “We were inspired to extend the program, and in December we made Support-A-Creator a permanent fixture.”

“We believe this will make a more direct and sustainable connection between game developers and content creators such as streamers and video makers,” Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said in December. “There are currently more than 10,000 content creators in the program, with tens of millions of supporters, and that number is growing every day.”

Epic Games launched its digital store in December. It currently offers a curated selection of PC and Mac titles, while giving developers 88% of sales revenues.