The next entry in the “Earth Defense Force” series, “Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain,” will launch exclusively for PlayStation 4 systems on April 11, game publisher D3 Publisher Inc. announced on Friday.

Developed by game studio Yuke’s in Unreal Engine 4, “Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain” introduces new territories to the series, character customization, new tech and weaponry, as well as 50 story-centric missions.

The game takes place 12 years after humanity’s first encounter with the alien “Aggressor” invasion which has devastated planet Earth. In “Iron Rain,” humans continue to defend against the alien assault. But this time around, the EDF has new tech on their side. The game includes four soldier classes to master – the Trooper, Jet Lifter, Heavy Striker, and Prowl Rider – each with their own customizable exoskeleton suit and abilities.

Customization will have a big role in “Iron Rain”. Exoskeleton suits can be customized with hundreds of weapon, armament, and item loadout combinations. Likewise, players will take on the role of Closer – a decorated war hero who wakes up from a seven-year coma – and customize the character’s appearance before the campaign.

“Iron Rain” will also feature both online and local multiplayer split-screen modes in what is described as a return to its arcade action roots. Online will support up to six players in co-op, while the new Mercenary mode will allow up to eight players. In Mercenary mode, teams compete to find energy gems.

The game is currently available for pre-order on the PlayStation Store in Standard and Ultimate editions, which are priced at $59.99, $89.99, respectively. Pre-order perks are also available for both editions, and include exclusive customized costumes and enhanced weapons. In addition, the Ultimate Edition includes a critical weapon and an additional mission which is scheduled to release soon after launch.