New Blood Interactive and David Szymanski’s first-person shooter “Dusk” is getting a slew of additions in the future, including co-op play, new game plus, console ports, and more.

Producer Dave Oshry took to Steam to thank players for supporting the game since its humble beginnings three years ago when creator Szymanski sent over the “Dusk” test build and got the ball rolling on the game’s eventual release. Now, “Dusk” has officially been released, and Oshry has lined out a list of things that are still to come for the game.

Some of the features that are still to come at an unspecified date at the moment, according to Oshry, include Mac, Linux, and DRM-free versions of the game, a co-op mode, new game plus, console ports, and a Big Box Physical Collector’s Edition. There’s also team deathmatch, capture the flag, and DUSKWorld content updates around the corner, as well as a software development kit, and Steam Workshop support.

Finally, players can expect more “Dusk” mech coming to The New Blood Store in addition to CD and vinyl soundtrack releases and bacon-scented soap branded with the game’s name. There’s still plenty more to come, according to Oshry, though there’s no timeline as to when we can expect to see it.

“Dusk” is a retro-tinged shooter that takes place in and around the fictional titular town of Dusk, Pennsylvania, where an enormous network of “Lovecraftian” ruins have been discovered. A research team is dispatched to investigate the ruins and the magic within, which leads to some terrible accidents and demonic possessions. It’s currently available on PC.