Peter “Durante” Thoman is a modder who’s well-known in gaming circles for helping to fix a number of broken PC titles. Now, he’s founded his own studio, according to Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

PH3 Games specializes in the engineering aspects of game development, according to its website. It will provide high-quality ports and offer consulting on design topics like optimization, parallelization, refactoring, and tuning.

“The process has actually been ongoing since September last year,” Durante said in a recent forum post, “but we just very recently got the final bureaucratic IDs required to consider it fully complete (Austrian bureaucracy is an art form).”

“Expect some more ports from us in the future! (And contact us if you need a high-quality PC port),” he added.

Durante is perhaps best known for his work on the PC release of From Software’s “Dark Souls” in 2012. When he heard the port was locked at 1024×720 and 30 frames per second — the same resolution as the console versions — he devised a mod that removed those limitations and upgraded the game’s graphics considerably. He then posted his “fix” in the gaming forum NeoGAF, where it received an overwhelmingly positive response under a thread called “Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition |OT| Durante Does In 23 Minutes What From Can’t.”

“IMHO Durante just single-handedly doubled the value of the game, and I’d say people should wait a couple days until he finishes it up and treat themselves one of the best games of the generation,” one poster said.

Since then, Durante has fixed other broken PC ports like “Little King’s Story,” “Deadly Premonition,” and “Tales of Symphonia.” He also regularly contributes commentary about ports and modding to PC Gamer.