A looping video is teasing a “Death Stranding” stream coming Wednesday on the official PlayStation Twitch account.

The stream currently shows handprints appearing, disappearing, and then reappearing in a mass of black goo, showing a little glimpse of images below the surface. It’s weird enough to feel on brand for the upcoming game and for Kojima Productions, the developing studio behind the title.

It seems that in addition to skipping E3 this year, Sony is having some fun revealing more about its exclusive titles on its own schedule.

In a tweet shared earlier by Hideo Kojima, a similar video appeared with the tagline “Tomorrow is in your hands.” He shared another video in the same style which said “Help us reconnect” on Monday.

The studio also shared that a new “Death Stranding” trailer is coming on May 29 early Tuesday in a tweet from the Kojima Productions Twitter.

As for what’s in store, the cryptic tweets don’t confirm anything at this point. It could be a new trailer for the upcoming game— and perhaps we’ll even get a release date?

To tide yourself over until tomorrow’s livestream, check out this feature in which Kojima and actor Norman Reedus talk about “Death Stranding.”

You can watch the livestream via the official PlayStation Twitch channel right here.