Bend Studio’s “Days Gone” will be receiving free DLC this June, including a new difficulty mode and additional challenges.

Taking to the official PlayStation Blog, Bend Studio detailed some of the content players can look for this summer with the free DLC. The Survival difficulty mode will be added as part of the new update, which challenges players to beat the game’s story mode with increased difficulty settings, no Survival Vision, no fast travel, and an immersive HUD that removes maps and indicators from the screen. These tweaks were made to “further immerse players” and “ratchet up the tension” to make “Days Gone” the “definitive survival experience.”

Following the addition of the Survival difficulty mode, players can expect to see a new Bike, Horde, or Combat challenge added to the game every week of June. The challenges will take core aspects of “Days Gone” and “twist them” in ways that will test players’ abilities in exchange for items and rewards. Bend Studio will detail more of these challenges “down the road.”

Current rewards for beating the game on Survival difficulty and completing challenges will include new bike skins and trophies, with additional details to come.Typically, the game normally has three difficulty modes: Easy, Normal, or Hard. It will follow a 30+ hour narrative as players explore its massive open world crawling with dynamic events, “Freaks,” and narrative arcs within a post-apocalyptic vision of Oregon.

“Days Gone” is set to debut on Friday, April 26 on PlayStation 4.