Updated: Phoenix Labs is launching its co-op action role-playing game “Dauntless” on consoles later this year and moving the title to the Epic Games Store, but players will get to migrate their accounts sooner, the studio announced on Wednesday.

Although Phoenix Labs didn’t give an exact date for the account migrations, it said players can soon manage their “Dauntless” accounts through the Epic Games Store patcher and secure their account names there. It’s an opt-in process, which means no one will have their accounts linked without their permission. The studio also said it’s not sharing personal information with Epic Games. “People who opt-in will use an email and password to login, and whether that’s the email they use for ‘Dauntless’ or not it won’t affect the linking process,” a spokesperson told Variety via email.

This migration is part of the studio’s plans to turn “Dauntless” into a unified, cross-play experience across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in April. It will also integrate mobile and Nintendo Switch later this year.

For now, players should continue logging in and playing via the existing “Dauntless” patcher, Phoenix Labs said. But, that patcher will be retired in the coming months as the title moves to the Epic Games Store. Player progress will carry over as well, so people can seamlessly continue their adventures regardless of platform.

Phoenix Labs also launched the Dauntless Hunt Pass Season Two this week alongside a Valentine’s Day-themed event. The new season offers two reward tracks — a free one and a 1,000 platinum Elite one. Both have 50 levels and reward players with Ace chips, notes, exclusive transmogs, and more. Advancing through those levels is now easier thanks to an increase in experience when breaking Behemoth parts. Season Two has been extended to nearly 45 days total, the developer said, which should give players plenty of time to hit the level cap.