The classic style and maddening gameplay of “Cuphead” is coming to the Nintendo Switch next month, Nintendo announced Wednesday.

“Cuphead” for the Nintendo Switch will be available on Apr. 18, 2019, and is available for pre-purchase now. The announcement came as a part of Nintendo’s Nindies Showcase for Spring 2019.

“Cuphead” made a deal with the Devil in this run-and-gun title, and you might need to make a deal yourself to get through this challenging game. It became a quick hit when it came out as a Microsoft exclusive in 2017, and in April Switch owners can enjoy the fun created by Studio MDHR. While it was an enticing offering for Xbox One and PC players, it’s not too surprising that Microsoft generously opted to let Nintendo publish the game on the Switch as Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s head of gaming, commented last summer on the company’s vision for the future of gaming on any device— a mission way bigger than any console war.

Nintendo and Microsoft have been working together on a few things since they announced “Minecraft” cross-play between Xbox One and the Switch last summer. Last month, Microsoft revealed it will offer a software development kit to developers so they can integrate Xbox Live features on the Nintendo Switch.

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