Long-standing eSports organization Complexity Gaming today opens the doors to The GameStop Performance Center, its new headquarters and first major step toward its vision of “eSports 3.0” – where professional gamers are treated with the same legitimacy as professional athletes.

Situated at The Star in Frisco, Complexity’s 11,000-square-foot HQ is steps away from the world headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys. This will allow for eSports management to connect with and learn from the famed real-world sports organization, says Complexity, while eSports athletes will have the chance to train and eat in the same facilities as Dallas Cowboys players.

Created by design firm ICRAVE, the GameStop Performance Center features a public area and retail space for visitors, as well as cutting-edge performance facilities, including advanced training rooms that mimic main stage competition settings, a Mind Gym for performance training and to promote player cognitive preparation and mental wellness, a Decompression Porch for players to recover from their high-intensity training sessions – featuring cryotherapy, nap pods, and relaxing music – an Innovation Lab for research and development and “to boost player performance and longevity,” a Miller Lite Player Lounge, and a studio for streaming.

“We see the opening of our new headquarters as a critical step toward the professionalization of the eSports industry overall and our vision for Esports 3.0,” said founder and CEO of Complexity Gaming Jason Lake in a prepared statement. “Given our organization’s deep history, we are excited to continue this journey with an unprecedented facility that will drastically improve the lives of our players and provide a permanent home at The Star in Frisco for our fans old and new.”
“The opening of Complexity Gaming’s headquarters at The Star provides fans of all ages an opportunity to engage with our franchises in a unique, hands-on way,” said Jerry Jones, Owner and President and General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys. “The GameStop Performance Center will bring a new excitement to the world of esports and adds yet another unique experience to The Star that fans and visitors will be able to see up close and in
person on our campus.”