Capcom experienced its second year of record-high profits, and its sixth consecutive year of operating income growth, thanks largely to an amazing slate of video game titles in 2018 and early 2019, the company said in a financial results report on Tuesday.

The publisher’s net sales increased 5.8% to 100,031 million yen in the last fiscal year, which ended on Mar. 31, 2019. Operating income increased 13.1% to 18,144 million yen.

Monster Hunter: World” was arguably Capcom’s biggest success during that time. The action-RPG came out in January 2018 and has shipped 12 million cumulative units across all platforms since then, a record high for any single title in the publisher’s history. It maintained its popularity throughout the fiscal year thanks to the launch of a PC port and the expansion of its user base, Capcom said. Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch version of “Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate” had “robust sales” in markets outside of Japan.

Sales of the “Resident Evil 2” remake exceeded expectations, Capcom said, while “Devil May Cry 5” performed strongly, backed by consistent demand. “Mega Man 11” and “Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection” also performed well, while high-margin catalog titles like “Resident Evil 7” increased sales thanks to their enduring popularity.

Looking forward, Capcom wants to strengthen its digital download and catalog sales. It also plans to redouble its commitment to esports, an industry that’s seeing both worldwide growth and increased interest in the Japanese market. The company wants to make that side of its business a “priority area,” it said. Currently, it aims to grow the player base worldwide via “Street Fighter” leagues like the Capcom Pro Tour.

For the next fiscal year, Capcom said it anticipates sales of 85,000 million yen and operating income of 20,000 million yen, which would result in seven consecutive years of operating income growth and three consecutive years of record high profit.