Hardcore,” a long-canceled run-and-gun game from DICE, will finally see the light of day with a release on the Mega Sg, Analogue announced on Friday.

“Hardcore” has gone unreleased for 23 years following its cancellation in 1994. The game’s development was “99% complete,” according to the company. The only known source code was stored on a single, dead hard drive which Analogue was able to recover. You can see a video of the game in action below.

“We’re dedicated to preserving this piece of video game history and Hardcore is included digitally on each Mega Sg system,” says Analogue in a prepared statement.

Analogue are the creators behind the Super Nt, which allows gamers to experience the 16-bit era of Nintendo. The team states its Mega Sg “uses the most advanced retro-gaming video upscaling on the planet” and claim it offers “lagless video output.”

Their Mega Sg allows users to experience retro Sega games without wires or lag, and in 1080p. The Mega Sg game system is compatible with the more than 2,000 games available for the Sega Genesis, Sega CD, and the Master System.

The Mega Sg is compatible with Sega Genesis cartridges and Mega Drive cartridges, and includes a Sega Master System cartridge adapter with the system. If you want to play Sega CD games, an original Sega CD (also known as the Mega CD) will be required to play. The Mega Sg plugs into an original Sega CD via its edge connector, which is stealthily hidden behind a little expansion door.

The Mega Sg is currently available for pre-order, costing $189.99. The console ships April 2019.