Creative Artists Agency (CAA) signed deals with YouTube gaming and comedy creators Caleb City and SungWon Cho, it announced on Tuesday.

SungWon is a voice actor who rose to internet prominence by making funny gaming and geek-centric Vine and YouTube videos under the handle ProZD. He currently has over 1.8 million YouTube subscribers and 2.5 million followers across all social media platforms. He’s partnered with major gaming brands including Sega, Wizards of the Coast, Square Enix, and more. He also voiced a character in the indie game “A Hat in Time.”

SungWon’s non-gaming credits include appearances in the Cartoon Network’s OK K.O. and upcoming episodes of Rooster Teeth’s web series “Gen:LOCK” alongside “Game of Thrones” actress Maisie Williams and “Creed” actor Michael B. Jordan. He’s also the star of a live-action series on Crunchyroll called “Anime Crimes Division,” which earned him a nomination for a 2018 Streamy Award for best comedy performance.

Caleb City, meanwhile, creates comedy content on YouTube and has more than two million followers across all of social media. His sketches typically cover gaming and pop culture. He earns nearly one million views per YouTube video on average, totaling more than 17 million views per month, plus an additional 500,000 viewers per video on Instagram and 100,000 views per video on Twitter.

CAA said it will represent Caleb City and SungWon in all areas, including TV, film, touring, digital distribution and partnerships, endorsements, personal appearances, and publishing.

The agency also represents fellow gaming content creators Criken, Day[9], Dr. Disrespect, Elspeth Eastman, itmeJP, Nick Eh 30, and StoneMountain64.