Flak’s voice actor for “Borderlands 3” has been announced, and it’s someone you might recognize, as revealed during the E3 Coliseum chat for the game which took place on Tuesday.

SungWon Cho is a voice actor, but perhaps better known for his YouTube videos, and formerly his Vine videos, where he gained a following under the username ProZD.

We also received confirmation that Flak will be able to command his pets during the talk.

It was pointed out during the E3 Coliseum talk on “Borderlands 3” that Flak the Beastmaster’s voice had not yet been heard on trailers or elsewhere, but Randy Varnell, managing producer of narrative on the game announced Cho’s involvement at the the end.

We also got a bit more detail on Flak from Paul Sage, creative director at Gearbox, regarding use of pets.

“Probably somebody from PR will come slap me, but just for everybody here, people have had this one question about Flak that I want to put to rest, ” Sage said. “Can you command your pets? Can you tell your pets to go attack this one thing? Yes. It is not like Deathtrap in that way. It’s not just a summon; your pets stay with you all the time.”

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