Since “Borderlands 3” was officially revealed earlier this month, eager fans have dissected the gameplay trailers frame-by-frame looking for clues about the upcoming co-op shooter. Some of their theories are surprisingly accurate, developer Gearbox Software said, but there are still some hidden secrets to discover.

Those secrets can apparently be found in the game’s box art, which Gearbox shared with the press on Monday. “We’ll just drop this image here as a hint. Maybe give it another look (and encourage your readers to do the same),” it said.

A YouTuber called Joltzdude139 recently discovered Morse code hidden in the “Borderlands 3” box art that was used on the game’s official Twitch channel whenever the stream was offline. The two lines of code apparently say, “Where is the first vault hunter?” and “Who is the Destroyer?” The Destroyer was the final boss of the first “Borderlands,” a giant, tentacled monstrosity imprisoned by the Eridians thousands of years before the game takes place. Could it make its return in “Borderlands 3?”

Gearbox is promising answers to at least some of the questions fans have about the game during its worldwide gameplay reveal on May 1. It will be streamed on the game’s official website and its Twitch channel starting at 10 a.m. PDT/1 p.m. EDT. Some of the Gearbox development team will also talk about the new Vault Hunters and their skills, as well as some of the new loot players will find in-game.

“Borderlands 3” comes out on Sept. 13 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (exclusively through the Epic Games Store). It will make its way to other PC storefronts, like Steam, in April 2020.