BioWare isn’t giving up on its troubled online role-playing game “Anthem,” the studio assured fans on social media on Thursday.

“We remain 100% committed to ‘Anthem’ and look forward to showing players the new content we are working on,” tweeted BioWare head of live service Chad Robertson. “We want to make sure we aren’t overpromising, so our updates on what’s coming in the game will be focused when we have things near completion.”

“Along with [‘Anthem’ lead producer Ben Irving] and I, we’ve got a big team between Austin and Edmonton focused and motivated for improving the game. We appreciate your support and for being on this journey with us,” he added.

“There’s been a lot of (incorrect) speculation on this,” BioWare lead producer Michael Gamble also tweeted in response to Robertson. “The studio’s support and commitment to ‘Anthem’ HAS. NOT. CHANGED.”

Robertson and Gamble’s tweets came just over a week after BioWare announced it was delaying some expected “Anthem” features and focusing on fixing some of its issues instead. Those features include guilds, a mastery system, leaderboards, and the game’s first big Cataclysm event. While BioWare said it’s delivered many of “Anthem’s” Act 1 features on time, it also discovered more problems than anticipated, and addressing those takes priority.

“Anthem” first launched on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Feb. 22. It received mixed reviews from both critics and fans who praised its combat and visuals, but found other aspects of the game buggy, repetitive, and/or lackluster. Since then, BioWare has worked to address the game’s problems and add new content.