Skybound Games upcoming vehicular battle royale game “notmycar” launches for free on Steam Early Access on Friday, the publisher announced.

Users who participate in the “notmycar” Founder’s Week, running until April 12, will receive a free paint job for their “pick-up truck of punishment” known as “The Beast.”

Developed by NMC Studios for Windows PC, in “notmycar” car-bound players are left to fight each other on a giant island battleground. Players can equip their vehicles with abilities and weapons found in caches throughout the island, and can also unlock more vehicles as they progress. Skybound held the game’s first-ever closed beta last year following the game’s announcement in December.

Skybound Games is a division of Skybound Entertainment that publishes games including “Slime Rancher” by Monomi Park, “The Long Dark by Hinterland,” “Skullgirls” by Lab Zero Games, and “Death’s Gambit” with Adult Swim Games and White Rabbit. Skybound Games also took up ownership of the “Telltale’s The Walking Dead” series in October 2018.