The state of “Ashes of Creation” is “strong,” despite Alpha One of the MMORPG coming later than Q2 2019, according to an open letter from creative director Steven Sharif, posted Thursday on the official website.

The upcoming game from Intrepid Studios held and open stress test last month which tested the infrastructure of the game, which Sharif noted as successful, allowing Intrepid to “field 200 players in a single area with good performance on the server side,” according to the letter. However, it was deemed necessary to push back the Alpha One of “Ashes of Creation” further than the originally anticipated Q2 delivery.

Sharif was not able to offer a new anticipated date for Alpha One.

“The trust of our community is dear to us, and so we must be careful in promising what we can deliver,” Sharif wrote. “This means that when we do give you a new date, you can be assured that it is one that we have ultimate confidence in. In that spirit, we can say that this is not a delay in terms of years, but in terms of months, and that Alpha One will be in your hands before you know it!”

Intrepid Studios will be pushing for better communication moving forward, as it has hired additional customer service representatives with the aim to cut down response time to customer service tickets. Further, it will hire even more customer service representatives over the next few months, and will further develop back-end tools and solutions for a better experience for customers. The studio also will fix website bugs, and will replace Xsolla with Stripe and Paypal.

Intrepid Studios will not be attending PAX East this year, choosing instead to stay focused on further development. Looking ahead, though, the studio will provide updates on development via developer diaries and live streams, as well as a monthly email newsletter and Phoenix Initiative meetings.

“Our goal is to regularly provide you with updates on the progress of development through videos, articles, and art assets in a more consistent way,” Sharif wrote. “Moving forward, and as you may have noticed, we will be utilizing our website (and eventually forums) for official updates and then posting those details to all of our social platforms. We hope that this will make things much easier to follow and allow you to keep up with the latest information regarding ‘Ashes of Creation’ and ‘Apocalypse.'”

“Apocalypse” is the free-to-play, battle royale-esque prequel to “Ashes of Creation” which serves as the testing ground for new content for the game.

For dates and times of live streams or details of how to receive the newsletter, check out Sharif’s letter in its entirety here.