A fix is coming next week to “Anthem” after a “thorough review” from Bioware of a bug which caused PlayStation 4 consoles to crash while playing, according to head of live service Chad Robertson.

“We’ve identified several causes for the temp power-down crash some PS4 users experienced,” Robertson wrote in a tweet on Wednesday. “Fixes for the top issues are in patch next week. If you encounter a game crash where your PS4 console won’t respond, you can manually power down and restart it – no risk of damage.”

Publisher Electronic Arts began collecting information from users on Monday to help identify the root cause of the console crashes. Many users reported having to unplug their console and plug it back in to get their PlayStation 4 to power back on. In Bioware’s follow-up review, it was found that no PlayStation 4 consoles were bricked due to the “Anthem” crash issue. A bricked console means that the system is no longer playable, essentially rendering it a very expensive “brick.”

“After thorough review, we have not encountered an instance where Anthem has ‘bricked’ a PS4 console,” Robertson stated in a follow-up tweet. “If you are experiencing anything different, please reach out to [Electronic Arts] so we can track the incident and investigate. Thanks for your patience.”

Unfortunately for EA and for Bioware, issues with “Anthem” have dominated coverage since its release last month. Even Variety’s review had to acknowledge the “disjointed and clunky experience” of “Anthem,” on top of the “scripting errors and connection failures galore” that still persist post-launch day patch.