Users playing “Anthem” on PlayStation 4 have experienced console crashes, prompting Electronic Arts to request info from the community on Monday.

While “Anthem” has already received numerous reports from users for game disrupting bugs since before launch, this particular issue is causing players’ PlayStation 4 consoles to completely shut down in the middle of gameplay. One user report described it as if they had pulled the plug of the console from an electrical outlet. Another user wrote that the crash turned off their TV and console.

The issue was even mentioned in Variety’s review of “Anthem,” as “hard crashes on PS4 are proving perilous for the console hardware itself to the point where it’s tough to recommend playing the game on that console at all until the most egregious of these technical problems are fixed.”

As mentioned in our review, this console-specific issue is not only frustrating, but could potentially cause issues with players’ consoles, as some players reported that they had to unplug and then plug their consoles in again before the system would power back on. When a PlayStation 4 restarts after a hard crash, players are prompted to report crash data and the system runs a check on its drives.

An Electronic Arts (EA) community manager posted a request for information to the EA Answers HQ site on Monday, requesting the following details from players: Type of console (i.e. slim, pro), PSN ID, explanation of crash circumstances, what steps had to be taken to power on console again, and whether or not the user report the crash data when prompted upon restart.

Some users are concerned that playing the game will lead to them “bricking” their consoles. This means that a console crashes so hard that it no longer works, making it, effectively, a very expensive brick.

EA plans to find the root cause of the issue through the info gathering in order to fix it. Experienced this issue yourself? You can report it here.