Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey,” an open-world survival game from former “Assassin’s Creed” creative director Patrice Désilets, is officially launching on PC via the Epic Games Store on Aug. 27, developers Panache Digital Games and Private Division announced on Thursday.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will have to wait a bit longer to play. Those versions will launch digitally sometime in December.

“Ancestors” is the debut title for Panache Digital Games, which was co-founded by Désilets in 2014. It asks players to survive and evolve in the jungles of Africa over millions of years. Starting as a primate, they must advance their clan from one generation to the next by foraging for food, fighting off predators, and learning abilities that can be passed down to future clan members.

“Our goal for ‘Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey’ is to provide an experience no player has ever lived before,” said Désilets. “Our small team is creating an ambitious and immersive game with a unique setting that will captivate gamers of all types, and we look forward to players exploring our world later this year.”

“Private Division and Panache Digital Games share a passion for providing the best possible experience to all our players,” said Kari Toyama, senior producer at Private Division. “As partners, we support Panache in taking the time to ensure all versions of ‘Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey’ deliver the standard of polish upon release that the team has set for themselves. As a developer-focused publisher, this is an important approach we take in working with smaller independent teams.”

“Ancestors” will be a timed Epic Games Store exclusive when it launches on PC in August. It will come to additional digital PC retailers after the first year.