AMD revealed its latest embedded processing chip on Tuesday. The Ryzen Embedded R1000 SoC promises to be faster, cooler, and more efficient, and it’s being used to power the new Atari VCS console.

The new processor includes built-in Ethernet, native 4K video support with modern HDCP, and a secure frame buffer that fully supports DRM videos like those found on Netflix and other streaming apps.

“With the AMD Ryzen Embedded R1000 powering the Atari VCS, we can support the 4K 60fps HDR content that users expect from a modern, secure gaming and entertainment system,” said Michael Arzt, COO of Atari Connected Devices. “AMD’s new Ryzen Embedded SoC will also help protect the VCS’ environment and content as we support an unprecedented open-access model that allows Atari’s highly-creative community to install any other operating system side by side with the Atari OS.”

Unlike mini retro consoles like the NES Classic and PlayStation Classic, the Atari VCS is a fully-featured gaming and media device that uses a Linux-based operating system. As an homage to its predecessors, it comes with a collection of more than 100 classic Atari titles like “Asteroids,” “Centipede,” “Breakout,” and “Missile Command.” Fans can access and download additional titles and content via the console’s storefront when it launches.

The Atari VCS appeared on Indiegogo last year, where it raised over $3 million from backers. Its original release window was pushed back to late 2019, however, after its designers decided to upgrade its system architecture.