A frantic trailer for “12 Minutes” shows a man desperate to get out of a time loop, as revealed at the Xbox E3 Briefing on Sunday.

The trailer starts with a man and a woman at a table, and the woman is trying to reveal that she’s pregnant– but the man explains that he’s heard this all before. He knows that someone will come in to their home in just a minute, and he’s going to hurt them.

This is how the story of “12 Minutes” is set up, and it gets more intense from there. See for yourself in the trailer below, courtesy of the Annapurna Interactive Twitter page.

In this upcoming game from indie developer Luis Antonio, players are tasked with breaking the time loop the protagonist is stuck in. In the trailer, he tries to get information from his partner about the death of her father in time, and the various outcomes and experiences in the time loop are teased to thrilling effect.
We don’t have an exact release date just yet, but “12 Minutes” is coming soon to Xbox One and PC.
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