Leading Chinese game live-streaming company Huya has launched its Nimo TV platform in Brazil. In a rapid overseas expansion drive, the move marks the 10th launch territory outside mainland China.

Nimo TV focuses on live-streaming games, creative content, and eSports on Web, iOS, and Android platforms. Its features include high-definition live streaming, instant video open, full link monitoring, and mobile live streaming.

To launch in Brazil, Nimo TV teamed with leading figures in the gaming world including Bruno “Playhard” Bittencourt in an exclusive partnership, and influencers including Piuzinho, Elgato and Crusher. “Today, many people have a cell phone with internet access which makes it easier to be a creator and enjoy the best games like Free Fire,” said Playhard in a statement.

Nimo TV is now in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Mexico, Argentina, Philippines, Turkey, Egypt, and Brazil. As of December 2018, Nimo TV had more than 11.5 million overseas monthly active users and 20 million Android mobile downloads globally.

Global expansion and successful localization will be key to the company’s growth, which Bank of America Merrill Lynch recently forecast as bowling along at a 40% compound average from 2018 to 2021. “Huya’s recent follow-on public offering will also be partly used to support the company’s overseas business in the future,” the company said.

Huya listed on the New York Stock Exchange in May 2018, and in April this year raised a further $442 million through a further stock issue with ADR shares sold at $24 apiece. The stock currently stands at $23.06, giving Huya a market capitalization of $5.03 billion.