Twentieth Century Fox committed several safety errors that contributed to the fatal motorcycle crash on the set of “Deadpool 2,” according to a British Columbia workplace safety investigation.

Joi Harris, a stunt rider, was killed on Aug. 14, 2017, when she lost control of her motorcycle and crashed into the side of a building in downtown Vancouver.

Investigators from WorkSafe B.C. allege that the studio made a long list of errors, including failing to assess the risks of the stunt, failing to allow her to wear a helmet, and failing to set up barriers that would have kept her motorcycle inside the film set.

The agency said it is now considering what penalty should be assessed.

In a statement, a Fox spokesperson took issue with the report, and said that the studio had stepped up its safety measures in the wake of Harris’ death.

“Safety is our top priority, and while we respectfully disagree with some of the report’s findings, Fox thoroughly reviewed its stunt safety protocols immediately following the tragic accident and has revised and implemented enhanced safety procedures and enforcement,” the spokesperson said.

Michael Buckley, an attorney representing Harris’ family, confirmed in April that the family had settled all claims against the studio. “The folks at 21st Century Fox were very professional and responsible in the manner in which they addressed our client’s claim,” Buckley said at the time.

Harris had experience as a motorcycle track racer, but had not done film stunts before. The accident report alleges that Fox failed to give her a new worker orientation, which would have covered safety measures such as wearing a helmet.

According to the report, several other stunt performers saw Harris’ “stabbing” or “grabbing” at the motorcycles brakes during rehearsals, causing the bike to skid unsafely. An additional ramp was added to give her more room to brake safely, before the fatal stunt occurred.

The report cites a regulation that mandated that riders wear helmets. Following the crash, all stunt performers wore helmets during motorcycle shots.