Midnight Blur Films has signed a deal with French distributor Les Acacias to release Chinese arthouse drama “Three Adventures of Brooke” in France this year, the Chinese production company told Variety on Saturday. A release date has yet to be set for the film, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival and stars Chinese newcomer Xu Fangyi and French actor Pascal Greggory.

“We chose Les Acacias because we have been following their lineup for a long time, and we admire their taste and their cooperation with renowned filmmakers like Hong Sang-soo and Wang Bing,” Midnight Blur’s co-founder and head of international sales Cao Liuying said, adding that the Paris-based distributor had offered “a satisfying minimum guarantee.”

Midnight Blur is registered in the Chinese city of Hangzhou and has agents in Shanghai, Beijing, Paris, New York and Tokyo. Les Acacias has a track record of distributing artistic works by Asian directors. Titles include Korean arthouse darling Hong’s “Yourself and Yours” and “Grass”; Wang Xiaoshuai’s 2016 thriller “Red Amnesia”; and a number of films by acclaimed Chinese documentarian Wang Bing, among them last year’s Cannes premiere “Dead Souls,” a look at testimonies from survivors of Chinese labor camps.

“Three Adventures of Brooke,” a Chinese-Malaysian co-production, tells the story of a young Chinese woman named Brooke who travels alone to a small town in northern Malaysia. The story splits into three different versions of what happens after her car gets a flat tire and she uses different identities to introduce herself to those she encounters. It’s the debut feature of Chinese writer-director Yuan Qing.

Veteran French actor Greggory is known for starring in a number of Eric Rohmer-helmed films and his work with French directors such as Luc Besson and Olivier Assayas, among others.

After its launch from the Lido last September, “Three Adventures” went on to screen at China’s Pingyao International Film Festival, the Singapore International Film Festival and in competition at the Festival de 3 Continents in Nantes, France.