SF Studios has boarded Christina Rosendahl’s World War II-set drama “The Good Traitor,” based on the true story of Denmark’s ambassador to the U.S., Henrik Kauffmann, an unsung hero who risked everything to resist the Nazis.

The film will star Ulrich Thomsen, Denise Gough, Burn Gorman and Henry Goodman. As most of the story takes place in the U.S., the film will be predominantly in English.

“The Good Traitor” follows Kauffmann, who was the Danish ambassador to Washington in 1939 when World War II started and who declared himself to be the only true representative of a free Denmark in opposition to the Nazis. “The Good Traitor” started shooting in April in Hungary and Denmark, and will be released in Denmark in 2020 to mark the 75th anniversary of Denmark’s liberation.

“Many films are still being made about World War II, but with ‘The Good Traitor’ we finally have a completely new angle on the turbulent events and get a chance to see something that feels both fresh and compelling,” said Anita Simovic, head of international sales at SF Studios.

Rosendahl, who made her directorial debut in 2006 with the youth film “Triple Dare” and went on to direct 2015’s “The Idealist,” said Kauffmann was a “wild, brave and surprising character.” The ambassador is “a political rebel who decides to go his very own way at a very dangerous time for Denmark. His singularity fascinates me deeply — his driving force and being completely uncompromising. He achieved extraordinary results, but at a high price.”

Rosendahl last directed the documentary feature “Violently in Love,” which sheds light on a Copenhagen-based shelter for women and children who have escaped domestic violence.

“The Good Traitor” is produced by Jonas Frederiksen, Nimbus Film, with support from the Danish Film Institute, DR, Nordisk Film & TV Fund, Copenhagen Film Fund and others. SF Studios will release the film across Scandinavia.