Following the news of Rutger Hauer’s death, celebrities took to social media to remember the Dutch actor.

Hauer died July 19 after a short illness at the age of 75. Celebrities shared quotes, photos and gifs showcasing the actor’s most famous role, such as the villainous John Ryder in the 1986 thriller “The Hitcher,”Captain Navarre in the 1985 film “LadyHawke” and perhaps his most famous performance as replicant Roy Batty in the sci-fi film “Blade Runner.”

Guillermo del Toro pointed to “Flesh and Blood,” “Eureka,” “The Hitcher,” “Blade Runner,” “Ladyhawke” and “Blind Fury” as some of his favorite Hauer roles. “RIP the great Rutger Hauer: an intense, deep, genuine and magnetic actor that brought truth, power and beauty to his films,” he wrote.

Former co-stars shared their condolences as well. Gene Simmons, who worked with the late actor on “Wanted Dead or Alive,” tweeted, “Sad to hear Rutger Hauer has passed away. He was always a gentleman, kind and compassionate.” Ice T, who appeared with Hauer in “Surviving the Game,” also tweeted his condolences.

Josh Gad wrote, “A very sad goodbye to the great #rutgerhauer” along with a gif from Hauer’s famous “tears in the rain” scene from “Blade Runner.”

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